Pristina/Tirana - For 100 YEARS OF STATE and after nearly 5 continuous working years under domain, K'Osoft Company has come up with new surprises: new identity, new domain and completed system with new functions and services.

Today, November 28, 2012, in 100 YEARS OF STATE, K'Osoft has the pleasure, honor and also the pride to announce that it has launched new website, K'Osoft. Com 2.0, with a new identity, services, products and full automated system, in particular, coupons system.

Henceforth, K'Osoft Company will offer occasional coupons and with various discounts, random or for different Albanian holidays, and in case of specific dates related to the world of Technology.

The current valid Coupon is: 100yearsofstate (100vjetshtet), from which everyone can benefit up to 50% discount.

K'Osoft, company of innovation, attraction and true engine of Albanian business in online services.

Cheers, Congratulations, GOOD LUCK AND FOREVER 100 YEARS STATE!!!

K'Osoft team

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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