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SEO (Site optimization) - K'Osoft Ltd
Language: Shqip | English

Site optimization, filtering and classification by specific category, are the main problems in which clients have difficulties.

K'Osoft, with its already ling experience, has practical, safe and advanced methods for successful safe and professional implementation.

Our specialized services in SEO, are the only one in Albanian market which guarantee success and which provides you high ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Highest ranking in Google, naturally enables you more new and potential clients.

According to recent statistics (November 2011), biggest created traffics are Google and Facebook, and after them ranks Yahoo. 17 largest information portals are supplied with about 30% of the traffic and they are mainly dependent from Google, who rank as second generator of traffic for 4 other major portals. While Facebook has managed to generate maximum traffic with about 8% for the Huffington Post, which is part of AOL News.

Key factors - Analytical process
- Feasibility study of the site and the content
- Analysis of each and separate key word
- Comparison with your competition
- The speed of the site and host company
- Daily analysis of the results and success
These are only few of key factors of the success. Its our decoded formula through which we guarantee the success.

Our methodology Application of our methods and work for you will mean more visitors, more customers, and more clients specific to your profile. K'OSOFT, as a company specializing in such services, has managed to create a unique success methodology, which applies to all customers across the globe. K'Osoft, has already created new branches specialized in this service that goes beyond the Albanian market.

The sister company of this department nextSEP.net, has helped hundreds of international clients to achieve their success, which they failed for years with other companies.